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What Our Patients Say

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What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Auerbach Family Chiropractic Center patient testimonials below and please call our Highland chiropractic office if you have any questions. Health and Happiness, Dr. Steve Auerbach

  • Very impressed with Dr. A’s knowledge and professionalism. He was able to correct my condition (pain in my left scapula area and occasional mild sciatica pain resulting from an injury in March) within 10 visits. I look forward to being able to experience massage therapy at the facility upon the easement of COVID-19 restrictions. I plan on returning to Dr. A for treatment again, if I begin to experience any discomfort, or for simple, monthly “maintenance”.

    -Deborah B.
  • Positive energy, friendly staff, knowledgeable and thorough. Dr. relief of pain. Peaceful, clean space and beautiful facilities!

    -Kim G.
  • The confidence I feel and have in Dr. Auerbach care is unlike any other experiences I’ve had with any. He is kind, listens to his patients and is genuinely concerned. Absolutely for the individual. The front desk staff is amazing, friendly and helpful.

    -Charlene L.
  • All were eager to help ease my pain, were informative, kind and gentle.

    -Gerald C.
  • I have never been to this type of chiropractor before. I attended a pressure point chiropractor only. My back feels so much better with just one visit. I can’t wait for my second one

    -Jessica V.
  • Great staff and I left knowing I was going to be helped.

    -Edward M.
  • Very empathetic, professional, patient centered experience.

    -Phoebe B.
  • Very nice experience. Everyone is pleasant. Everything was explained in detail. I wasn’t rushed and I felt confident in Dr.Auerbachs hands.

    -Agnes W.
  • It was a relaxed and informative experience as well as a helpful treatment time. You and your staff are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. It is obvious that you are using the newest techniques and care about helping your patients improve their lifestyle.

    -Peg I.
  • You are all absolutely wonderful, so helpful and welcoming. Looking forward to my next visit. Dr. Auerbach is amazing.

    -Terry B.
  • Dr. Auerbach And the entire staff are wonderful. Everyone is caring and helpful. I was greeted with a Warm and welcoming smile by everyone. Dr. Auerbach is fantastic. He is someone who truly loves what he does and it shows. He is genuinely kind, and truly cares about the welfare of his patients. I felt immediate relief from my hip discomfort. I know that I am in good hands!

    -Jennifer T.
  • Everyone was very friendly, knowledgeable and supportive. There is state of the art equipment.

    -Julie S.
  • Thank you for seeing me on such short notice, I am very thankful for how helpful and accommodating your staff were to me.

    -Scot L.

No more physical therapy!

Your treatments have enabled me to have a normal, active life. I have been able to avoid physical therapy and surgery. Dr. Auerbach is not only a chiropractor, but also an educated doctor of general health as well. I have confided with him on many health issues and discussed many body parts.

- Carl D.

Chronic lower back pain

This is a great office! Dr. Auerbach and his staff are highly competent, efficient, and friendly. My chronic lower back pain has almost totally been relieved. I am confident that it will not be a problem anymore. It is a pleasure to be a patient at Auerbach Family Chiropractic Center.

- Mitch N.

Back pain is gone!

I have had back pain/problems for over 20 years. Since my first visit to Dr. Auerbach, my pain left me. My life has been so much better. I am grateful for his help.

- Joe C.

Chiropractic helps migraines!

I entered the office in April with migraines and a hip/low back condition. Dr. Auerbach put me on a specific treatment plan. I have kept up with his suggestions and have not had any migraines or pain flare-ups. Keeping up with treatment plans is amazingly beneficial!

- Stacy P.

Dr. Steve Auerbach is a godsend!

Dr. Auerbach has been a godsend to me. Every time my back has gone out, he has always made time to care for me. There is no other chiropractor I would go to for my chiropractic care. The office staff and Mrs. Auerbach are caring people, who are interested only in your welfare, which nowadays seems difficult to come by.

- A very satisfied patient (1998-present). Joan F.

Chronic back problems!

Dr. Steve has helped me through many years with my chronic back problems. He has been very effective and supportive for my bouts of sciatica. He is indeed, “my man”!

- Bob B. D.D.S.

Auerbach Family Chiropractic Center helped me!

When I began treatment with Dr. Auerbach in May 2011, my lower back and neck were sources of daily pain. I was delighted that after just a few adjustments, my pain level decreased significantly. I continue to improve and have been able me to resume activities that I had not been able to perform due to pain, like walking over the Walkway Over the Hudson Bridge. In June 2011, I began a new job that involves standing for hours without a break. After one week of performing that job and explaining my problem of standing too long to Dr. Auerbach, he recommended I get a pair of spinal pelvic stabilizers. Now, I can stand for 4 to 6 hours with no increase in back pain. I am so glad that I found Auerbach Family Chiropractic Center!

- Mary D.

Dr. Steve Auerbach is professional and knowledgeable!

Dr. Auerbach’s secretary was kind enough to schedule me immediately when I called. I told Dr. Auerbach, “I’m hurting bad. I have no idea how this happened. I can’t walk, I can’t feel hot or cold, and I can’t think, add or subtract…” Dr. Auerbach did some tests and took x-rays to see what was really happening with my spine. He explained some of his modern technology, including the “Pro-Adjuster.” He explained that I had subluxation degeneration and also spondylolisthesis. My problems were clearly visible in the x-rays he showed me and he answered all my questions. Now I can walk for 3 miles just fine, I can feel hot and cold, I can think, and most important, I feel good! I am back on my feet. Frankly I was surprised. I had gone to other chiropractors before, however, they did not do thorough tests to diagnose and treat me correctly. I recommend Auerbach Family Chiropractic Center because Dr. Auerbach is a professional, he is knowledgeable, has enough patience to explain a complicated diagnosis in clear simple terms. The staff is friendly and helpful, even with my complicated insurance situation.

- Rachel F.

I noticed a change after my very first chiropractic treatment!

I noticed a change for the good after the very first treatment! My family notices the changes as well! They say I look taller! I am more relaxed, able to drive, and move my neck from side to side. It is so wonderful!

- Jennifer W.

Wonderful & Helpful

Dr. Auerbach is very patient and informative. The office is clean and organized and you are made to feel welcome. His adjustments are wonderful and helpful. He is also a wealth of information!! I highly recommend this Dr. and office.

- Darlene R.

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